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Track, Line, Yard Arresters with Fail Safe Mechanisms

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Model LPC 15012-1

Dual stage Track Arrester, 0-30 VDC (0-24 VAC), 15 ampere load current, with multiple fail safe open mechanisms, indicating fuse, test terminal. Mount on standard AAR 2 3/8” terminal binding posts for equipment and ground; with ring terminal lead 6.4” long (connect to line). For installation on each line (equalizer not required nor desired).

Performance :

Rating 40 KA, 8/20 µs (extreme maximum 75 KA) ; 5 KA, 10/1000 µs. Let-through energy (voltage and current) insignificant to cause damage to equipment. Fail safe operates 100% of time even with destruction of the arrester. The equipment avoids damage.

At 1000 amperes, 10/1000 µs the let-through voltage momentarily measures 130V for very short (microseconds) ...


Model LPC 15010-1

Dual stage Track Arrester, 0-30 VDC (0-24 VAC), 5 ampere load current, with fail safe open mechanisms. Identical to LPC 15012-1 except lower let-through voltage of 110V. See details on LPC 15012-1 which apply.


Model LPC 15050-1

Dual stage Track Arrester, 0-30 VDC (0-50 VAC), 15 ampere load current. Same as LPC 15012-1 except AC voltage raised to 50 VAC to compensate for higher AC induction on rails due to nearby overhead high voltage transmission lines. Let-through voltage slightly higher but slightly shorter duration than the LPC 15012-1, at 170V for 1000 ampere 10/1000 µs wave.

LPC 15016-1

Model LPC 15016-1

Dual stage Track Arrester, 0-65 VDC, 30 amperes. Similar characteristics to the LPC 15012-1 except operating voltage and load current ability significantly higher. Let-through voltage 200 to 300V peak for 1000 ampere 10/1000 µs surge. Mounting is the same. Dimensional height increased to house extra components for higher ratings.

Applications :

Track wires (100 Hz) with DC, Receiver / Driver.

Model LPC 15012-120

Model LPC 15012-120

Dual stage Arrester, 0-120 VDC, 21 amperes. Increased operating voltage. Let-through voltage 340V at 1000 amperes, 10/1000 µs.

Applications :

Switch machine / solid state relay.

LPC 2010-120-2

Model LPC 2010-120-2

Dual stage Arrester, 0-120 VAC, 15 amperes. Let-through voltage 380V at 1000 amperes, 10/1000 µs.


Line wires.


Model LPC 10560-51

Heavy duty, 3 electrode gas tube arrester with fail safe open mechanism. Mounting on standard AAR 2 3/8” binding post terminals. For 0-30 VDC (0-24 VAC). The arrester is connected across the lines; protection provided each line to ground and line to line. Bipolar operation.

Performance :
  1. Nominal breakdown voltage 90 VDC line to ground; 150 VDC line to line. Let-through voltage (after initial microseconds) at 30V regardless of surge current amplitude or duration. Insulation resistance 1000 megaohms minimum.
  2. Surge current rating maximum : 75 KA, for 8/20 µs; 5 KA for 10/1000 µs
      Life (minimum)
    • 10 KA 8/20 µs 200 operations
    • 25 KA 8/20 µs 50
    • 50 KA 8/20 µs 20
    • 75 KA 8/20 µs 2
    • 500 A ...

Model LPC 10560-52

Intended for 12 VDC hump yard applications. May be used for up to 18 VDC. Same performance characteristics as LPC 10560-51.

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