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AC Power

Surge arresters are devices that limit over voltages and/or divert surge currents or both. The IEEE Standard generic term is surge protective devices (SPD)

Other common terms used for the SPD are:
  • Lightning Arrester
  • Surge Suppressor
  • AC Power Arrester
  • Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS)
  • Secondary Surge Arrester
  • Secondary MOV Surge Arrester
  • Secondary Metal-oxide Surge Arrester
  • Surge Filter
  • Protector
Lightning Protection Corporation (LPC) manufactures AC Power Arresters for:
  • All worldwide voltages below 600Vrms
  • 50, 60, 400 hertz operation
  • Single and three phase
  • Connections in parallel with the power line
  • No conduction of load current
  • Any model may be installed on unlimited KVA source
  • Protection provided in all modes, L-N, L-G, L-L, L-G
Railroad lighting and sure porective devices


LIGHTNING PROTECTION CORPORATION manufactures railroad lightning arresters and Surge Protective Devices (SPD) for signals, communications, track, line, hump yard, control, DC traction :

  • AC power circuits, 60-100 Hz, 120-700 VAC
  • Track, line, yard, arresters with fail-safe mechanisms
  • Code line, data
  • DC power, 12V to 1000V
  • RF co-axial, receive and transmit
DC Power

DC Power

LIGHTNING PROTECTION CORPORATION manufactures SURGE PROTECTIVE DEVICES (SPD) for DC powered equipment operating at voltages to 1500 VDC. Protection is available between any combination of points including plus, minus, and ground. Lightning and surge current ratings up to 100,000 amperes and higher currents on special order. Applications include :

  • Rectifiers
  • DC rails
  • DC feeders
  • DC substations
  • Railroad
  • Petroleum
  • Transit
  • DC generators
  • Mining
  • Solar
  • Plasma generators
  • Instrumentation
  • Chemical
  • EMP
Gas Tube

Gas Tube Spark Gaps

LIGHTNING PROTECTION CORPORATION manufactures specialty gas-filled, non-radioactive, lightning and surge protective devices. These spark gap arresters come in a variety of surge current capabilities and physical dimensions, with two or three electrodes. The high temperature, ultra-pure electrodes are silver brazed to high alumina ceramics in vacuum and backfilled with inert gas mixtures. The entire cycle is automatically controlled by computer controlled equipment.

Surge current ratings are available to 150 KA for 8/20 µs wave, to 10 KA for 10/1000 µs wave, and to 50 KA for 10/350 µs wave. Breakdown voltage ratings range from 75 VDC minimum to 5000 VDC maximum.

Applications include protection of electronics, electrical control, grounding, isolation, railroad, pipeline, military, and any other industrial application where gas tube / spark gap device is applicable.

Characteristics include bipolar and automatic operation. Device extinguishes on each current zero. Capacitance 0.5 to 5 pico farads. Resistance 10,000 megohms in non-conducting state. In the arcing state a 15 to 25 volt drop occurs for one ampere to several thousand amperes.

    Standard diameters available for two and three electrode models :
  • 0.750” for extra heavy duty
  • 0.500” for heavy duty
  • 0.310” for medium duty
  • 0.140” for light duty
Terminations available include wire, p.c. board type, studs (threaded or solid), tab, ferrule, railroad applications, coaxial applications, and others specified by the customer.
LPC 10643-485-3

Signal, Wire, Communications, and Data Surge Protective Devices

  • Signal, alarm, communications, data line, 4-20ma, RS 232, RS 485, transmitters (transducers)
  • DC, AC, RF voltages
  • In-line, rail mount, parallel, wire pair
  • Five stages of protection, bipolar
  • Lightning currents to 30KA, 8/20 microsecond wave
  • For signal voltages 1V to 400V
RF Coaxial

RF Coaxial

Lightning Protection Corporation (LPC) manufactures specially designed, hermetically sealed (900° C), truly co-axial (50 ohm and 75 ohm), gas filled spark gap arresters for RF load currents (to 25 amperes), and high surge (including EMP) currents to 75,000 amperes, 8/20m s wave. The arresters may be bulkhead mounted and are connected in-line with the co-ax cable. DC continuity between the RF connector terminations present "0" impedance to load current at any frequency. Surge current is diverted from the center conductor to the outer shell which should be connected to ground by the customer.

  • For receiving and transmitting
  • DC breakdown voltage available between 75V and 1800V
  • RF current rating 25 amperes (limited by connector type used)
  • Frequency range DC to 4GHz
  • Characteristic impedance, 50 ohm or 75 ohm
  • Lightning and surge (including EMP) current rating 75,000 amperes (8/20m s) repeated operations. Many thousands of operations at lower surge currents. Conduction occurs between the center conductor and the outer shell (ground)
  • Hermetically sealed high surge current gas tube technology, DC continuity between input and output connectors.
  • Bipolar, either polarity of surge operates equally.
  • Either terminal of arrester may be used for the input or output of the co-ax line.
  • Bulkhead mounting through 1" diameter opening, flange diameter 1 ½", overall length approximately 3" depending on the type of connectors used.
Critical Circuit

Critical Circuits

LIGHTNING PROTECTION CORPORATION (LPC) designs and manufactures surge protective devices (SPD) for critical electrical and electronic applications. The customer specifies the criteria, to which LPC responds with a proposed SPD product design. The product may be available as a shelf item, a modified shelf item, or an entirely new item/design. There is no tooling or engineering charge to the customer for new designs. The applications may be industrial, commercial, government, military for AC power, DC power, Communication and Signal, RF coaxial, and electronics.



LIGHTNING PROTECTION CORPORATION (LPC) designs lightning and surge arresters to suit a customer’s exact application. At no extra charge LPC can design a new model or modify an existing model SPD for AC power, DC power, RF coaxial, communications, signals, critical service, severe surge areas, and all other applications mentioned in our website.

Manufacturer - Developer - Designer
Manufacturer of the highest quality lightning and surge protective devices (SPD) since 1974.
Lightning Protection Corporation specializes in devices for industrial, commercial, government and worldwide applications!


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