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Code Line - Data Surge Protective Devices, Arresters

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Standard Model LPC 11845 Series


Wire pair protection, in-line installation, screw terminals. In-line impedance 10 ohms. For signal voltages 5 to 170V peak (AC and DC). Bipolar operation, instantaneous and automatic. Line terminals carry the surges, equipment terminals are protected. Mounting legs connected to ground. Surge current rating 15,000 amperes for 8/20 µs and 750 amperes on 10/1000 µs wave.


Model LPC 10528

Code Line Arrester for communication lines. Protection provided by heavy duty 3 electrode common chamber gas tube arrester connected across the lines to ground. Installation using AAR 2 3/8" terminal block. Protection starts at 500V peak, each line to ground and line to line.

Performance :
  1. Voltage breakdown either polarity :
    • Less than 0.1 microsecond at 3 KV
    • Less than 0.2 microsecond at 2 KV
    • Less than 1.0 microsecond at 1.5 KV
  2. Arc voltage 20-30V.
  3. Life
Unlimited operations at 300 joules, 40KA, 8/20 µs. Maximum surge current 100 KA, 8/20 µs

Model LPC 11895-200

Code Line Arrester for nominal 120 VDC to 200 VDC maximum. Gapless, 2 terminal, non-polarized. For use on floating line or either pole grounded. Instantaneous operation, no follow current. Clamping voltage starts at 220V peak. 650 joule rating, 25 KA on 8/20 µs wave. Mounting on standard AAR 2 3/8" terminal block.


Model LPC 11889-25

Data and signal lines protector. Maximum signal 28V peak line to line and each line to ground. In-line connection din rail mount. Clamping voltage starts at 30V. 5 stages of protection provided. Maximum surge current 30 KA, 8/20 µs wave. Either polarity of surge equally clamped. Temperature -55° to 80° C ambient. Note : Model LPC 11889-25 is for signal levels to 28V peak. The LPC 11889-series are available for data and signal levels from 5V to 240V peak. Inquire for proper "dash" number for your application.


Model LPC 10643-series


Miniature wire pair protector (4-20 ma transmitter protector). 2 lines and ground. 0.50" X 0.68" X 1.25" H. AWG 16 insulated leads. Protection maximum 30 KA, 8/20 µs line to line and each line to ground. Connections across the lines and to ground at or inside the equipment enclosure. Response less than a nanosecond. After initial breakdown clamping voltage immediately drops to 30V an any surge up to 30 KA of current. Automatic restoration to the line voltage after the surge passes.

Inquire regarding other available voltage ratings.

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